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Oil Yellow R

Trade Name: Oil Yellow R

C.I. Name : Solvent Red 27

C.I. No.: 26125

Color Tone : Blue Tinged Red

Melting Point :100 ~ 120 °C

Solubility in Toluene : 40g/L


Applicable to coating, plastic cement, printing ink, and particularly applicable to the coloring of petroleum products, such as the color separation of petroleum products.

Pigment Yellow 53 is one kind of eco-friendly inorganic pigments,which is internationally recognized as non-toxic pigments.It is easy to disperse,with good hiding power,excellent lightfastness,weather resistance,heat stability and chemical resistance.It is non-bleeding and non-migratory,and well compatible with most of thermoplastic and thermoset resins.Traditional piqment don't have full function as above,either organic or inorganic,whereas pigment Yellow 53 is suitable for high-performance requirements of modern coatings and plastics.Its color shades vary from greenish light yellow,bright yellow to reddish yellow.

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