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For Plastic and Rubber Dyes

SCC Solvent Dyes product name C.I Hue
1. Sccsol Oil Yellow R S.Y.14 Bright Yellow
2. Sccsol Yellow 3GL S.Y.16 Bright Greenish Yellow
3. Sccsol Yellow SG S.Y.18 Bright Yellow to Reddish Yellow
4. Sccsol Lemon Yellow 4G S.Y.33 Bright Greenish Yellow
5. Sccsol Yellow 2GH S.Y.72 Bright Yellow
6. Sccsol Yellow 3G S.Y.93 Yellow
7. Sccsol Yellow 3G S.Y.98 Yellow
8 Sccsol Yellow E3G S.Y.114 Brilliant Greenish Yellow
9 Sccsol Yellow HGN S.Y.157 Brilliant Greenish Yellow
10 Sccsol Yellow GS S.Y.163 Reddish Yellow
11 Sccsol Yellow 3GL S.Y.176 Brilliant Reddish Yellow
12 Sccsol Oil Yellow RC S.O.2 Reddish Orange
13 Sccsol Orange BL S.O.7 Reddish Orange
14 Sccsol Orange 3G S.O.60 Yellowish Orange
15 Sccsol Orange GG S.O.63 Reddish Orange
16 Sccsol Orange G S.O.86 Orange
17 Sccsol Orange R S.O.107 Bright Reddish Orange
18 Sccsol Red G S.R.1 Yellowish Red
19 Sccsol Yellowish Red H S.R.23 Yellowish Red
20 Sccsol Oil Red S.R.24 Bluish Red
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