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For Smoke Dyes

SCC Solvent Dyes product name C.I Hue
1. Sccsol Oil Yellow R S.Y.14 Reddish Yellow
2. Sccsol Yellow SG S.Y.18 Bright Yellow to Reddish Yellow
3. Sccsol Yellow S S.Y.28 Yellow to Orange
4. Sccsol Lemon Yellow 4G S.Y.33 Bright Green Yellow
5. Sccsol Yellow 5R S.Y.56 Reddish Yellow
6. Sccsol Oil Orange RC S.O.2 Reddish Orange
7. Sccsol Orange G S.O.86 Orange
8. Sccsol Red G S.R.1 Yellowish Red
9. Sccsol Oil Red S.R.24 Bluish Red
10. Sccsol Red GS S.R.111 Red
11. Sccsol Blue HNR S.B.5 Bright Reddish Blue
12. Sccsol Green 5B S.G.3 Bright Green
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